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Find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions

Will my ceiling be damaged?

From time to time cracks can happen and screws within plaster boards can come loose.

Can I have a skip on the road instead of my driveway?

Yes absolutely, you can have it on your road however costs an extra £44 for a permit. Please note that there are some restricted areas which may charge £14 per day to have the skip on the road.

Will the skip damage my driveway?

It shouldn’t do but if you’re worried the day before the skip is due you can leave out wood or something protective over the area it’s going to be. If its left on a garden/grass area sometimes the waste team can’t collect instantly so if its left over a long period of time this could damage your grass so please take this into account when choosing where you wish to put the skip.

Will my attic get dirty when you strip the roof?

Short answer is yes, however we will try to be as tidy as possible but unfortunately there will some mess that gets through. We do advise removing anything of any value or sentimental to the customer before hand just to be on the safe side. We also put viscrine down to help prevent any bad mess. Please be aware that we will not be liable if we do damage anything left in the loft area as accidents can happen and do happen – no one is perfect; you have been told to remove anything worth value.

What insulation am I meant to have?

To comply with building regulations, on sloping ceiling areas we will install hardback insulation. Depending on the rafter size will depend on what thickness of insulation is needed as there will have to be an air gap to allow the roof to breath. On flat ceiling areas it is usually 300mm of roll out insulation. We will only insulate areas inaccessible to the customer if requested to do so at an extra charge.

Is it loud when you’re working and make a lot of mess?

During the stripping process it can be loud but we always try to keep things to a minimum. Sometimes there can be some mess but once the job is completed we tidy up the best we can.

How does a re-roof work with going through building control?

Very easy you contact the council put an application in for a re-roof they will send you a form out and will come inspect the work, once completed you will get a certificate from them. Let us know as we can contact them at the correct stages of the job to inspect the insulation, ventilation etc.